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Create professional invoices in just seconds

Creating professional looking invoices & estimates is crucial, with InvoiQ, you can create professional invoices & estimates in just a few seconds.

Print your invoice to PDF or email your customer directly using email templates.
When you have received a payment, simply register the payment in the payments-module, or mark your invoice paid with the click of a button. Marking your invoice paid will automatically register a payment for you!

Like creating invoices, creating estimates is just as easy.
Received a message that your estimate has been accepted? Great! Convert your estimate to an invoice with just one click.

Easily manage all your invoices & estimates

Managing your invoices & estimates has never been this easy.
With InvoiQ's overview page you can easily search, sort and filter all your invoices. Invoices have colour codes which inform you whether they are paid, nearing their due date, or are overdue.

InvoiQ's overview page is also suited for altering multiple invoices with one action. Simply mark all your unpaid invoices as paid directly from the overview page.

Fully customize your invoice & estimate templates

With InvoiQ you can create and design multiple personalised invoice & estimate templates.

Creating multiple templates enables you to use different templates for different situations. A great use for this feature is to create a template in a different language, or for creating a credit note template
If your company uses multiple company names you can easily create a template for each company name.

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